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Your Favorite Bad A**


In fiction for certain, and sometimes in reality, we love a good bad ass. Whether guy or girl, we thirst for characters who break boundaries, dent the mold, transcend the mundane. The bad asses are the ones who get our hearts and glands pumping. Is it the excitement or the tingle of fear for the unknown that snatches our attention in its tight fist, refusing to let go?

Enter into the scene a serious bad ass and this is his or her theme song. Advance to the 26th second for the full effect. (I love you Metallica. Yay for the 2012 tour!)

Did you listen to the lyrics? Befitting, I think.

Most times, we don’t want a real law breaker. Only someone who skirts the boarders of criminal. And if we’re being honest we like our bad asses on the side of the greater good.

A bad ass doesn’t tiptoe around issues, they’re blunt. They make no apologies. And best of all they are confident in who they are.

There are so many great fictional characters who fit the bill, but my all time favorite bad ass is Ben Lewis from Linda Howard’s Heart of Fire. Leaping off the pages of the book, he elicits a range of emotions from hate to love and everything in-between.

So share, who’s your favorite bad ass?

Megan Mitcham, Writer

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