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I admit it. I’m addicted to taking writing classes. Although I’m not taking a class at the moment, I find myself constantly searching for the next one.  There is such a wide range of topics and expertise online that I’d like to share the ones I’ve discovered. The classes I’ve taken were all inexpensive and loaded with information.

These are the sites where I have taken some great classes:

  • Roses Colored Glasses  – I plotted my first published book in the Plotting Bootcamp class. Full disclosure note: Delilah Devlin and Elle James are my chaptermates who started and maintain this site. I feel it was the perfect course to give me some roots in writing. The class allowed me to jump in with both feet and start writing. I learned about plotting when my first manuscript had no planning whatsoever.  This is not a lecture-style class.
  • Savvy Authors – I’ve taken at least 30 classes from this group. The formats vary in format from chats and webinars to one-month classes. The classes are open to those with membership (free) and premium membership ($30 annually).  There are classes on writing, editing, marketing, and many other topics.
  • RWA FF & P Chapter – I belong to this chapter, but a writer can join a class without being a member. Members receive discounts.  FF & P isn’t the only chapter who offers writing classes to the public.  There are many RWA writing chapters who offer classes.
  • Margie Lawson Writer’s Academy –  I attended a session at a conference once with Margie Lawson on Deep Edits. It scared me to death. Later, I decided to suck it up and see what she offered online. She  offers  a variety courses from the type that last a month to the ones where you can order packets and do on your own.  A month ago, I took a class with Margie called Writing Dialogue and Body Cues Like a Psychologist. Be ready to participate and receive feedback when you take a class.

Have you taken any writing classes? If so, any favorites to recommend?

5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Writing Class Junkie

  1. I used to be more of a class ho, but not so much any more. I’ve decided that I can listen only so long. It’s time to apply what I’ve learned.

    However, Margie Lawson’s classes are great. From the Heart RWA chapter has some great online classes too.

  2. I need some classes! And, as always, it’s Brinda to the rescue. Thanks for the info! I have taken one class from Roses Colored Glasses, self-editing, and I learned so much. I’m holding my breath waiting for the plotting boot camp in September and will certainly look at the others you’ve mentioned. Knowledge is scary! Oh, wait, I meant knowledge is power!

    1. I learn new things all the time and want to improve, so I’ll keep taking classes. I may do the plotting bootcamp again when that rolls around.

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