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Den of Inequity?


Okay – Okay..I don’t have a den of inequity! But I do have an office where I write. Does that count? The problem with having a specified room for writing is that you have to be able to get into the room to write, right?

In May, Amy Atwell and Kelsey Browning (founders of Author Enterprenuer Management Solutions Website) challenged authors to take May to clean up their offices, do their filing, get your office back in shape to do some serious writing. So I took their challenge…sort of. Let me explain…

We had a fire in our attic in February. To repair the damage, which required moving a HUGE thingie (something to do with our air conditioning…don’t ask me what. I don’t know and don’t care. As long as I have a/c in the summer, I have no questions!) from the attic into a space in a wall. To access the space required going through my linen closet. To do that, everything had to be removed from that closet. Do you have any idea what kind of “stuff” you have shoved in there? Medicines. Towels. Wash cloths. Sheets. Blankets. Toilet paper. Cleaning supplies. And trust me, this is an incomplete list! All that “stuff” had to go somewhere, so it went into MY office…FOR MONTHS!

Once the repair was done and everything that was going back into the closet went, this was the condition of my office…Prepare yourself! It’s shocking! Make the children leave the room. 🙂

Bad, huh? Not only couldn’t I get into my room, I couldn’t have written at my desk if I’d wanted to. So I decided Amy and Kelsey were right. Here are the after-the-May-cleaning shots. I apologize for the blurry one. New camera and I’m still learning on it!

See that La-Z-Boy recliner in the middle of the room? Sleeps great! And perfect place to write. So I confess, I rarely use that desk you see. I’m either in that recliner above or…

Sitting here on the couch (the white is a sheet I have to keep on there for my assistant. She has very dirty feet and eats grass!)    Or you might find me here

So tell me about where you write…A dedicated space? A dedicated room? Or are you a butterfly who flits around the house and writes everywhere?

Do you find it makes a difference where you write? I’ll be honest and say for me, I write better in my office recliner. When I’m in there, my mind knows I mean business! Do you have a place like that? A place that signals your mind…”I mean business, buddy! Cough up some dialogue and quick.”

Thanks for coming by! Look forward to hearing from you. And shhhh…don’t tell Amy or Kelsey but I’ve still got a basket of filing to do.