Writing on the Road

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been on the road for almost 4 weeks now. I know! It’s crazy and I’m a homebody and all that, but it’s been enlightening. here are a few things I’velearned about writing on the road:

1. Can’t be done when the road is so bumpy your Yorkie is flying through the air.

2. Driver interrupts needing directions, pulling you out of your story.

3. Steep, narrow and scary roads require your full attention as a passenger to warn the driver not to go over the edge. He appreciates this…NOT.

4. Just because you have a house on wheels doesn’t make it easy to go back to the table and write. For one, it’s illegal (seat belts don’t come with the dining chairs, nor are they bolted down). Secondly, the bumpy thing gets worse the farther back you go in the house on wheels.

5. Always have paper and pencil ready for those wonderful ideas that pop up along the way.

6. That pad comes in handy for jotting down stuff for the driver who interrupts.

7. When you’ve gone dry for 2 weeks on the bumpiest roads in North America, you will WANT to write but not on anything you’d been working on prior to the trip. New stuff gets the juices flowing.

8. No matter how early you get up to write, your partner (who normally sleeps late) will get up right behind you.

9. A wifi connection in an RV park is worth your weight in gold.

10. Noise reduction headset is a must! Tunes out the engine noise and the driver interruptions.

I had idiotic dreams of finishing two novellas during my 5-week road trip. So far I’ve finished one short story and I’m 1/5 of the way through a novella. I’ll be lucky to finish the novella by the time I get home.

Thank goodness, these novella goals were stretch goals. I planned my writing schedule to accomplish nothing during the 5 weeks I’d be traveling. Any words I write are icing on the cake. And if you’re looking at your computer in your lap, you’re not appreciating the scenery going by. Save the writing for the long stretches of boring road and absorb the beauty around you and the ideas that come at you from all over.


3 thoughts on “Writing on the Road

  1. Elle, the only thing worse than trying to write on the road, is trying to write with three children in the back singing, fighting and asking a gazillion questions. I understand this frustration. I’m glad you found time for some words!

  2. Elle, It’s so good to hear from you. I’ve been wondering how writing on the trip was going. It’s hard to even jot down a note in a moving vehicle. I can’t imagine trying to write a story. Yay for you and hubby for striking out on an adventure and making memories that will last a lifetime!! Safe return!!

  3. Wow! You are good. I could never do this because I suffer from motion sickness. I can barely even look at a map in the car. It kills me to have hours where I could be reading or writing, but i can’t. Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

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