The 4th of July has always been a special day for me. We would have an amazing cook out and spend the evening watching, and setting off fireworks.  I was raised a Navy brat so the Holiday took on another meaning for me. We always had a flag outside our home, showing our pride in our country. Today I have three children who serve in our Military and I still, to this day, fly our flag outside my home with pride for my country, and my children.

We should never take our freedom for granted.  My children have toured in different countries and have had their written words and website regulated. This wonderful country allows us to write what we want, read whatever we like and speak without fear of retribution. That, in my mind, is pretty awesome..  So whatever you have planned today, whether it be a picnic, a BBQ or a quiet visit with family and friends, celebrate and enjoy.  I myself have another chapter screaming to be written and a huge basket of tomatoes to be made into salsa. So writing and canning are my plans followed by some amazing fireworks with friends. Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July.

These are my true American Grandkids sporting their 4th of July party attire.

3 thoughts on “HAPPY 4TH OF JULY

  1. I hope you two had a great 4th, and thanks, I think my grandkids are amazing. But I’m partial. :} This heat ruined my garden so I picked what I had and canned it all. I hope Mother Nature has her hot flashes under control next summer.
    We need it a little cooler and a lot wetter.

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