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You Don’t Know Jack

If, while walking through the desert, I found a magical lamp I’d rub it. My first wish would be world peace. My second, I’m not too sure about. But for my third wish, I’d beg the little genie to make me witty. I’ve always wanted to have the snappy come-back or the ability to make people laugh, not at the soup on my lip, but at the quick banter coming out of my mouth. Sadly, I’ve never found that magic lamp and my wittiness is only a dream.

But every once in a while I surprise myself with a waft of wit, like in this old post. It is by far my favorite. I hope you like it too!

Have you ever felt like you don’t know Jack? I mean, he climbed a bean stalk, he’s responsible for the frigid winters, he tumbled down the hill with Jill, he writes awesomely chill music, he serial killed many in London, there was even a little ditty about him, but you still don’t know Jack.

As a writer, you not only have to have a firm grasp of the mechanics of the English language (which is a daunting feat in itself), but must also have a working knowledge of the publication industry and all its avenues, marketing know how, and be (just a bit) tech savvy. Are you overwhelmed yet?

They say, “Ignorance is bliss.” And, “Knowledge is power.”

We’re past ignorance, if we’ve chosen writing as a career. On to knowledge. I’ve gathered a multitude of knowledge from guide books on literary agents, editors, and publishers from my local library. Some of these books may be slightly outdated, but the base information is the same. I have joined my local author’s group, Diamond State Romance Authors, which is a branch of the Romance Writers of America. There are many other genre based authors groups, if romance isn’t your thing like International Thriller Writers. I have also pursued several writer’s blogs. One of my favorites is Nathan Bransford. His posts are always informative and entertaining.

Here’s hoping we all get to know Jack a little better!

If you met a magical genie, what would one of your crazy wishes be?

Megan Mitcham, Writer

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