Diamond State Romance Authors


For the past 2 weeks I’ve been stalled (some call this writer’s block, I prefer stall) on a book I’ve been writing. I’ve always been good at pushing through and getting it done and giving advice to others on how to get out of a stall, but this time it seems harder than before. I attribute the reason for the stall to a lot of factors:

1. I stopped writing it 7 weeks ago to go on a 5-week vacation

2. My daughter is home from college and I can’t get time alone for long enough to focus

3. I have other obligations to update websites for an art group

4. My dogs interrupt me all day long

But the truth is…

5. I think the book is too slow, too boring and the mystery is not coming together and I don’t want to dig in and figure out how to fix it.

Bottom line is that I’ve lost faith in my book. Well, that ends today. There is no magic pixie dust I can sprinkle on this creation to pull it out of the muck. It needs elbow grease and dedication to make it happen.

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, the week I finish this book. Today I will break that stall and charge forward. I will figure out how to juice up the action, lay in the clues and who the big bad is so that I can charge forward and meet my deadline.

I am the only one who can do it and I can’t wait for it to “happen”.

Anyone else know this feeling? Anyone else know of a better way to fix a broken book other than to dig in and make it happen?