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Why No First Person Love?

I love first person narrative. Love to read it. Love to write it, although I’ve published nothing in first person. And yet, within the reader community (and I include authors in the reader community since we were all readers first), there is a highly vocal segment who hate first person…some of them to the point that they won’t read it regardless of the author or the story. In fact, I’ve seen some contest judges send back entries UNJUDGED because the story is first person.

I don’t get it. Why such vitriol for this point of view?

I love first person. It’s like I’m having a personal conversation with an individual who is telling me a piece of gossip. It’s seems more intimate.

So are you are first person lover? Hater? I really want to hear from those who don’t like first person. Help me understand your point of view. What is about first person narrative that drives  you nuts?

Until next month, take care!

Cynthia D’Alba 
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