Wild at Heart Anthology Selections

Thank you to all who submitted stories for consideration for the Wild At Heart Anthology for the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. We were looking for stories that were suitable for all audiences and left us with a positive feeling of hope for the future. Those selected focused primarily on large-animal rescue and/or the dangers of keeping one as a pet. In order to keep the publication at an affordable length, we selected only 22 of the 36 stories.

The following stories were selected for the Anthology, giving us a pretty evenly balanced book with nearly 40K each of Adult and YA stories. Actual total is approximately 78,000 words.

Title Author Category
Freedom Connie Wilkins Adult
Storm Haven Vanessa North Adult
Saving Akira Candace Sams Adult
True Instinct Charlene Roberts Adult
Beached Dustin Stevens Adult
Spirit of a Tiger Elle James Adult
Sunlight and Solace Gina Wilkins Adult
Archer Falls Lauren Smith Adult
Wedding Crasher Lindy Dierks Adult
Saving Angel Lynda Frazier Adult
Buck M Marie Adult
Cat’s Rule Aileen Fish YA
Salveje Anna Meadows YA
Home by Midnight Brinda Berry YA
A Boy, A Girl, A Tiger Cynthia D’Alba YA
Born Free Delilah Devlin YA
The Girl and the Puma Jane Hansen YA
Vision Quest Karis Walsh YA
Refugee VL Lori Freeland YA
Teens Gone Wild Margaret Ethridge YA
Fierce Wild Megan Mitcham YA
Hearts Solace Tara Fox Hall YA

5 thoughts on “Wild at Heart Anthology Selections

  1. I’ll go ahead and be completely eloquent. SQUEEL!!! Now that that’s out of the way, thank you Delilah, Elle, and Voirey for taking the time out of your busy schedules to select these wonderful stories for the Wild at Heart Anthology for Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, a cause near and dear to all our hearts.

  2. Thank you for accepting my short story into this anthology 🙂 I am happy and proud to help support the big cats!

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