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Summer Reading

There’s nothing like summer reading. Come on, winter reading is done huddled under a blanket next to a roaring fire. Okay, maybe that was the romance author coming out.  Summer reading on a beach, by the pool, on a porch with the fan ruffling your pages, or in a nice air conditioned room where you can see the clear blue sky and vibrant sun, but can’t feel it’s heat are amazing. For me, summer reading brings a lightness and sense of freedom somehow absent from the cooler months.

I haven’t been blogging or working on my WIP this summer. But boy have I been reading. My Diamond State Romance Author friends have too, and they were nice enough to share their recent reads.

If you want to get in on some super summer reading, you might try one or more of these:

  • The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
  • Long Lost by Harlan Coben
  • Dirty Laundry by Heidi Cullinan
  • Undead and Unstoppable by Mary Janice Davidson
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  • Warped by Maurissa Guidbord
  • Hit List or Kissing the Dead by Laurell K. Hamilton
  • Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber
  • Somebody to Love by Kristin Higgins
  • A Catered Romance or Storm of Desire by Cara Marsi
  • Highlander Series by Karen Marie Moning
  • Lucky Harbor Series by Jill Shalvis
  • My Soul to Save by S. W. Vaughn
  • The Lost Hours by Karen White
  • For some free reads check out the Summer Reading Trail

Happy reading!

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12 thoughts on “Summer Reading

    1. It’s so consuming, isn’t it? Sometimes I get depressed thinking if I read all day every day, an absolute impossibility, I’d never read all the great books available for consumption. Oh well, we power on, one book at a time WHEREVER we may be.

  1. I can read ANYWHERE at all. I could read every day all day. But my damn dogs want to go in/out/in/out and then to be fed. Sigh. The carpet demands to be vacuumed and the dishes washed. And my WIP isn’t writing itself…as much as I’d like it too. Reading has been a lifelong joy.

    1. I’ve found my reading goes in peaks and valleys. The valleys come when realize I have no clean clothes to wear or groceries to eat. I get obsessive when I read. Must finish! Must finish! Not so great for dogs, children, husbands, or myself when I need a fresh pair of nickers. 🙂

      Hope your reading, WIP and puppies are doing well!

  2. Sad fact: The more I write, the less time I have to read. Still, I manage a chapter (or ten) every night before I turn out the light. Reading keeps me calm. 🙂

    1. You work full time, keep a house, raise kids, entertain a husband, write and find time to read in a day. Do you ever sleep? By the way, next time I see you I’m busting out the theme song to Wonder Woman!

  3. Hit on couple of my favs there, Megan… Karen Moning and Kristin Higgins. Read all those books. I will probably reread them again. Love to read as much as I write.

    1. Higgins was your contribution to the list, Nena. 🙂 Mine was Moning (Harlan and White too). I discovered her six months ago and have been voraciously reading her ever since. Happy release day!! Two shouts for Cowboy Lust!!

  4. I read The Sugar Queen. I love Sarah Addison Allen! I’m keeping this list. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to read soon… Maybe when the kids go back to school. Hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying the last days of summer!

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