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Who Can You Trust?

This weekend the Internet blew up with news of a blogger who charged authors fees for positive book reviews, but paying bloggers for reviews isn’t a new practice. Kirkus charges over $300 per review, although there’s no guarantee their reviews will be positive. Popular magazines also sell advertising (i.e. Romantic Times) to authors in exchange for reviews, but that doesn’t mean their reviews will be glowing endorsements. Reviewers can have many motives: as a hobby, to hone their own writing ability, to get free books and advanced reader copies, a paycheck, or even to help a relative. With all the hubbub, it can be hard to know who to trust for reviews.

Here are the blogs I turn to for adult romance reviews:

RTBookReviews from Romantic Times

Smart Bitches

Romance Junkies

Heroes and Heartbreakers

Long and Short Reviews

Dear Author


Thanks to Goodreads and Twitter, I have a few Internet friends and authors whose blogs I follow for reviews. I tend to trust their judgment before anyone else’s (even the popular blogs above) simply because I know we have similar tastes in reading. Where do you get your romance reviews and recommendations?

6 thoughts on “Who Can You Trust?

  1. I haven’t really looked anywhere but Goodreads and Amazon when I read reviews online. That is a conflicting collection for most books with a lot of reviews. I think it’s because readers are so different. The only reviews I can be sure about as a reader are those verbal recommendations from friends.

    1. Yes, you never know what the reviewer’s connection to the book might be when it’s given anonymously. Getting book recommendations from friends is helpful.

  2. It is amazing how one person can read a book and fall in love and another can read a book and rip it to shreds. Perhaps since I’m new to this reader/writer world, I too stick to word of mouth recommendations from friends who tend toward the same genres I do. But thanks, Sandra, for the great list of review sights. Something to look into.

  3. I rely on word of mouth, but I do read online reviews. I tend to take reviews that fall to the extreme ends of the scale with a grain of salt and check the middle-of-the-road reviews to see if the things that the reader disliked are hot buttons for me. If they are not, I’m inclined to give it a go. 😉

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