The necessary evil of editing.

Edit is a four letter word in my vocabulary, and not a process I liked to perform. It ranked right up there with cleaning out the litter box.  But I soon found out it was a necessary evil, one that would make or break a good story. After I learned the process of editing it became easier but it has made my love for reading a challenge.

I’m an avid reader and love getting wrapped up in a good story line. I’ve read stories that had obvious spelling and grammar issues, but it never bothered me before. I’d read right through them. Now they stop me. I find if there are too many I feel the need to e-mail the author. Now, I’m far from perfect, and my editing skills still need a lot of work. But boy was I surprised with all the mistakes that are in some books these days.

My reading group picks two books a week for us to read.  Last month we did random self published authors. I was so surprised with what people are putting out there.

I know how anxious you can be to get your story published, but if you push it through, missing some important steps, you can lose your audience.   

I don’t want my work to get labeled as sloppy or hard to read. I’m going to take a little longer and make sure what I put out there is a story you can’t put down, and leave you wanting more.

As a group we did e-mail a couple of the authors. They were receptive and both admitted that they used family and friends to edit their story. They also stated they self published because sending off to a publisher takes too long.

In my eyes the wait is worth it. I’m not ready to take the self published path yet. I wanted my first story to go through a publisher. I needed to make sure someone else thought I could write a good story, other than my friends and family.

One day when I have a few more books, more self confidence, and much more experience in editing I’ll take on self publishing. Until then I’ll continue to edit, and edit, and edit.

2 thoughts on “The necessary evil of editing.

  1. The really bad thing is when I read a book by a common publisher and it doesn’t seem to have been edited at all! Those authors are fairly well pubbed and the book went right through without a closer look. I want to scream, because I try to get my books past those editors with no luck at all and they let that sort of drivel out.

    That was a little rant.

  2. I enjoy the rewriting process more than I like the new words process. The new words process is sometimes like pulling teeth to get words “on the page.”

    I hate the final line editing before publication! I KNOW I’ll miss something

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