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I feel like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!

I’m Late! I’m Late! For a very important date!…to post my blog today!

Let’s talk about WHERE writers write. The answer of course is everywhere and anywhere. At my house, I actually have an office. It USED to look like this…

Cyndi’s Office


Cyndi’s Office – Doorway View

Notice not only the great poster of my book cover but all the male inspiration!

But my “desk” looks like this now:

Cyndi’s Desk Area Today
Cyndi’s Desk Area – Doorway View

And all the “stuff” off the desk in the first two pictures and in the desk drawer? Where is it now?

Stuff From and Off Desk

Now I show you this to give my excuse for my lack of productivity! My desk has been dismantled to be moved to our Florida house. It is almost impossible to move through all the junk on the floor in the office, plus I’d had nowhere to sit to write. So where am I writing these days?

My Current Writing Spot

Yup! My La-A-Boy recliner, which sounds great BUT

Doorway View of Current Writing Location

Lots of distractions. See my husband’s chair on the left and the big television at the end of the room? I call them both are major distractions but really they’re excuses and that’s all. (Don’t you love the overflowing trash can beside my chair? lol)

Writers write. Location be damned.

So where do you write?