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Look at My Rippling Biceps

Recently, I answered a call for submission with a steamy short story. Requirement: Super Alpha Hero

While floundering for a plot line, I got far too “in my head” and philosophical about the meaning of a word. Alphas lead. They are confident. Sometimes they’re cocky, but they have the goods to back it up. Alphas are strong. Many writing hours were lost in the grey matter of my brain, pondering the following question.

What is strength?

If playing word association, what would be the first word to come to your mind when someone says, “strength?”

Rebel that I am, I hate to run with the pack, but yes, muscles was the word for me and about 98% of participants. So, I looked up the “S” word. When talking about people, it’s broken up into two categories: body and mind. Strength of body is measure by the bulge of a muscle and the feats it can accomplish. Strength of mind is gauged by fortitude in the face of opposition.

But what about strength of heart?

Some of the best characters I’ve ever read, heroes or heroines, have it in the heart. (I know, technically, the heart is a muscle.) The heroine I wrote in Fierce Wild, featured in the newly released Wild at Heart Anthology, is no muscle bound genius. But what she lacks in brute force and brilliance, she more than makes up for with will and heart.

Fierce Wild

On the horn of Africa, Salima Pavia fights poachers, stubborn rhinos, and an attraction to a ruthless mercenary to keep the black rhino sanctuary her parents founded a decade ago running smoothly.

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart Volume I & Wild at Heart Volume II are available on Amazon! These collections of multiple authors’ short stories captivate the imagination, soothe the soul, and benefit the residence of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, AR. TCWR provides a lifetime refuge for abandoned, abused, and neglected “Big Cats.” Check out the great stories these books have to offer and help out some animal in need.

Megan Mitcham, Author

8 thoughts on “Look at My Rippling Biceps

  1. Yes, I automatically think of the muscles.You’re right. If that’s the ONLY strength of an individual, then it would be hard to be attracted. I love the phrase “strength of heart” and think your story sounds great. I bought both volumes and haven’t gotten to yours yet. I can’t wait!

    1. I agree! Attraction is multi-layered. Muscles and a great face catch the eye, but if there’s no character to back it up…they’re fairly useless. Thank you. I hope you like it when you get there. I bought both too. Now, we just need time to read. I hope you have a great week, Brinda!

  2. I’m with Brinda and you. When I think strength, I think muscle strength unless I allow myself to really think about it. I know some very strong women…not one of them could lift much weight. One of the is fighting breast cancer. One is dealing with addiction. and then there is a whole group of women who write. Each of them is strong in their own way!

    I answered that fall for Super Heroes also. Haven’t submitted yet. Need to finish tweaking. How’s your story coming along?

    1. The hard things in life allow people to show their true strength. I’m often amazed at what people can endure and rise above. Your friends are in my thoughts.

      Cynthia, I have you to thank for giving me the push to write a story for the call. Thank you!! My story is finished and was submitted by the original deadline. Though it ended up not being either of the stories we talked about, I LOVE it and hope it’s well received. Best of luck with yours!! I know it’ll dazzle.

  3. Perseverance was the first word that popped into my mind. Perhaps because I’m in my writer’s titanium panties (as Jenny Hansen says) today.

    I purchased both of these books. They YA will go to my granddaughter at Christmas — after I read it and take care not to smudge the pages. What’s the worst that can happen? I buy a second one for her. Another snack for the big cats!

    1. Woah, big word for such a little lady. You must be a writer. 🙂

      Thank you! Thank you, from all of us Antho Authors!! Hold on just one minute. You’re not old enough to be a grandmother, much less have a granddaughter old enough to read!

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