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Everything My Little Sister Taught Me

Sister AKA Fitness Guru
My sister, AKA Fitness Guru

Everything my little sister taught me about exercise applies to writing.

My sister has worked hard to be a fit adult. She didn’t always look like this with her Linda Hamilton  from Terminator arms. She was the chunky little kid who enjoyed my extra candy. Sis  grew into a teenager who struggled with weight issues.  As an adult, she discovered that she could conquer her fitness and health. She lost 100 lbs and was featured in Shape magazine.  Today, she teaches weight lifting classes, is a certified Zumba instructor, and  runs marathons. She’s my fitness idol.

I’m sure people look at her and think, ” She probably eats anything she wants.” Or they say, “She must have that muscle tone naturally.”

Wrong.  It takes work.

When I think about the fitness lessons she lives everyday, I can compare those same lessons to writing.

Lesson One: It takes diligence and a regular schedule.  Find a time and place for writing and do it as if it’s an appointment.

Lesson Two: Ignore the naysayers. There are negative people who will say it’s too hard or not worth it.  Surround yourself with positive people. That’s why many writers are drawn to other writers. We’re a big gang of cheerleaders. That’s why Sis encourages me to work out at the gym instead of home alone.

Lesson Three: Results take time and don’t occur overnight.

Lesson Four: Sometimes it’s painful. You know…like when you are running and out of breath. Or you edit that manuscript for the fourth time.

Lesson Five: You can’t quit when the going gets tough.  Engaging in “the program” everyday, whether it’s exercise or writing, can wear a body down. Take a breather for a day. Then get back to work.

Just do it. 

BIO: Brinda lives in the southern US with her family and two spunky cairn terriers. She’s terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.
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39 thoughts on “Everything My Little Sister Taught Me

  1. It all takes hard work. You’re right, sometimes we look at the final results and think that person has it easy. Guess I’m heading back to the editing and back to the gym! thanks Brinda!

  2. It’s obvious you and Little Sis come from the same gene pool. Get ‘er done attitudes despite the obstacles.

    I am annoyed my exercise regimen has been temporarily modified because of a klutzy-move-ankle-sprain. There was a time when I could not link “I” and “exercise regimen” in the same sentence.

    Thanks for introducing me to your sister, Brinda. And, for the push to keep my writing muscles toned. At least I haven’t yet suffered a game-changing klutz move there.

  3. Perfect timing, Brinda! I am editing my MS for the fourth time and needed this little boost. I can work through the gym pain, no problem, but the editing seemed overwhelming. Yay, it’s not. It’s just not the kind of burn I’m used to. On the bright side, this time I actually know what needs fixing…incessant head hopping and too much back story.

    1. Um….I thought I was the only one who had to edit a MS four times. It’s good we writers have each other where we won’t feel weird.

  4. I am so blessed to have sister/best friend in my corner! I know I will always be HER #1 fan. I am so proud of everything she has accomplished with her writing. I never realized the amount of work that goes into not only writing a book….but also having it published. It’s awesome to have such great support people to lend an ear, a word of advice and an encouraging word! Kudos to my sister and her fellow writers!

    1. Writing this post made me realize that I could try harder in the fitness area, so I know what you mean.

  5. Brinda … this was a inspiring post and one that reminds us not only to just do it … but to just do it every day. Nothing worth having is easy. I grew up fit, Italian fit, tight and took it all for granted. Middle-age caught up with me and I thought I’d spend my “adult” years a stereotypical chubby Italian. But with a great friend and a consistent approach to my health, I have overcome my chubby middle years and once again feel fit and alive. Hard work is the best remedy for the blahs at any age. Great work, sis 🙂

  6. Fantastic post! That’s it. I’m going back to the gym just as soon as I can breathe through my nose again!

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