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Ellora’s Cave Romanticon 2012

I’ve just gotten back from Ohio and my first ever convention. I’d been told Ellora’s Cave Romanticon was incredibly fun, but I still wasn’t prepared for just how much fun it was. I got a chance to meet people I’ve known for years online as real, in-the-flesh people, attended workshops that were as fun as they were informative, get up close with some of EC’s Cavemen (oh, yeah…), and did my first book signing.

Yeah. I had a blast.

Workshops ranged from very tame subjects, like cowboys and using twitter effectively, to BDSM classes, creative toys for couples, and a class-participation naughty bedtime stories that was absolutely hilarious.

Saturday night there was an awards ceremony honoring new authors, and some not-so new authors who the editors and staff felt deserved recognition. I was honored to receive the “Have her Cake and Eat It Too” award for my consensual infidelity menage, And She Liked It. one of DSRA’s newest members, Mandy Harbin, was also attending and recognized during the ceremony.

The best thing I got out of Romanticon didn’t happen in the workshops, though. The best thing was getting a chance to talk to readers. Until now, I’ve talked to my friends who read them, some voluntarily, some because I foisted beta reads on them. For the first time, I spoke with people who picked up the books and read them because they liked to read and bought my books on their normal book-shopping adventures. I wasn’t prepared for how much it would mean to hear someone say they’d bought my book, read it, liked it and wanted more.

Now that I’m home, I can’t think of anything but getting back to Ohio for Romanticon 2013. If I can only go to one con, I want it to be this one.


5 thoughts on “Ellora’s Cave Romanticon 2012

  1. Since I know you, I realize heading to a convention was a stretch for you. And then to spend time talking with readers….good for you! Sounds like you had a BLAST! Can wait to see you on Saturday to hear all the inside scoop you didn’t dare post here! πŸ™‚

    1. Cyndi, several people I’ve known online for years went, so that helped a lot… but yes, with how shy I am, heading to a convention was rough. I’m so glad I did, though. It was a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks, Megan. πŸ™‚ I knew they recognized new authors but I am past that bubble and wasn’t expecting anything. it was a very nice surprise.

  2. I loved all the pics and tweets I saw coming out of the weekend. Looks like you all had a blast!

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