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Beauty and the Beast

I was hanging out with some of my writer friends this morning and the subject of our favorite trope came up. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to think this one through. I know what my favorite trope is and I love every story that crosses my path with this theme.

Beauty and the Beast.

Who couldn’t get caught up in the forbidden love affair of two beings so diametrically opposed that their falling in love is almost as illicit as it is impossible? Me for one.

Of course this brings immediately to mind the old television show named exactly this. It was in the 80’s. So old, but the way the hero rescues the heroine only to have her rescue him moves all my female organs into tiny spasms.

After watching an episode I never saw Vincent as a beast. His heart was so true so wonderful, I swooned over the guy. The writers of this series did and outstanding job in showing us this beautiful soul and that was all we saw.

This is today’s version of the same show. Unfortunately I haven’t seen an episode of it yet, but I know it can’t suck. The hero is hot and the heroine strong, self reliant and beautiful. How can it loose?

An example of this trope in movie form is Penelope. In this case the beast is the heroine. But I love the actors in this film and of course… the story itself.

The heroine has a pig snout and the hero is supposed to spy for some guy what is wrong with her, why she is in hiding. He falls in love in the process.

There is another movie called Beastly with Alex Pettyfer. He is sooo good looking in this movie. This film is set in modern times and the hero still is cursed by a modern witch. How convenient is that? You can write contemporary with a plethora of things. I love it.

I must give show you his real face, because he is so pretty and because a friend of mine swoons for this guy and she might be disappointed if I don’t give her a peak. I can’t have that.

Oddly enough, this film has the heroine loving roses. It may be schmaltzy, but I still loved it.

I think it’s because love has to do with the heart and soul of a person and not with their outer shell.

Share some of your favorite tropes and give a book or movie to support it.

Love it!!

4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Jeannene, I loved Penelope! And the TV series Beauty and the Beast. There is something to be said for external flaws radiating internal beauty, especially in a society based on ideal exteriors. Great post!!

  2. Thanks Nena! I don’t think I have a favorite trope – I love them all (except the secret baby stories). I’m kind of a sucker for a friends to lovers story, so I guess that counts. πŸ™‚

  3. Gah! I left a comment before but WP ate it. I just said that my favorite trope is a friends to lovers story. I love watching characters make take that leap. πŸ™‚

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