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It’s Not Personal


“It’s not personal.” Don’t you love the saying? I’ll bet you do. About as much as you like a slap in the face. Inevitably, this phrase comes on the heels of some sort of criticism. Whether the opinion is engineered to help or hurt, it seldom gives a rosy flutter in your heart.

They say, “It’s not personal.” You reply, “But I am a person!” A person who has taken time and effort to create a masterpiece. A person who has lost sleep, skipped meals, missed out on fun to get the story out. A person who has poured their heart and soul into a project, laid it bare, to have it ripped to shreds.

It is personal. It is also going to help you, your story, and most of all your future writing.


They are often hard to hear or read. Your masterpiece is left singed and tattered. Yet, out of the ashes rises the story you can sell. The story you meant your masterpiece to be.

You write in seclusion your magical tale. But you are just one, not all powerful or all knowing, and are often too close to the words to see the flaws. When you shine light onto your work in the form of a critique it is improved.

So, how do you find a critique group? Here are some places to start your search: Writing Groups by State, Online Critique Groups, Roses Colored Glasses.

Above all, remember: 1) It helps. 2) You are not alone. 3) You will succeed.

Some other good links: Becky Levine’s Critique Comments Advice, Nathan Bransford Writing Advice.

Happy Writing and Critiquing!!

Megan Mitcham, Author

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