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My Favorite Hero

I saw a question posed on Twitter recently, “Who is your all-time favorite romance hero and why?”  I’ve probably read tens of thousands of romances over the years, and fallen in love with just about every hero to some degree. That’s what readers are supposed to do, isn’t it, what we romance authors want to achieve with every hero we dream and create? I would have thought, given the sheer number of books I’ve read, that coming up with just one hero would take a little time and consideration, but it didn’t. The shining example of the perfect romance hero jumped into my head in a heartbeat.

Theodore Westgaard. Teddy.

What makes Teddy so extraordinary to me isn’t some super-alpha-ness. He doesn’t shapeshift or have any superhuman ability. He wasn’t a billionaire and didn’t have a special playroom. He didn’t have a checkered past, wasn’t a military hero and didn’t drive a starship.

What made Teddy so special was that he was completely ordinary.

He was a farmer, a widower with a nearly-adult son, and he lived with his mother. He took care of his brother, who had the next farm over and was “slow.” Teddy was steady, reliable. He was a quiet man, living a quiet life, and that made hims something more special than any other romance hero I’d ever read. Teddy was a real person.

That quality of simple humanity has made its mark on me as a writer. I want every character I write, even the inhuman and extraordinary ones, to be real. They are fallible. They make mistakes and don’t know all the answers. They fumble through their crises the same way we do… one mistake at a time.

I’ve read so many books since I met Teddy, back in 1986, but he will always stand out as my favorite and the first romance hero I truly fell in love with.

So, how would you answer? Who is your favorite romance hero and why?

One thought on “My Favorite Hero

  1. Wow. Such a difficult question. There have been many men I’ve loved over the course of my romance reading years. Zach Benedict from Judith McNaught’s ‘Perfect’ has been on my keeper shelf since the early 90s, but my heart now belongs to James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser from Outlander. I love me braw, bonny laddie in his plaiddie.

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