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Racing for the Finish Line!

Holy Smokes! It’s almost December and I’m not nearly done with all my goals for this year. I have about half a month to complete them.

Writing Goals to complete:
One Harlequin Intrigue last 4 chapters
Ugly Stick Saloon Book #5 for Samhain
Billionaire Online Dating Service for Self Publishing
Edits for Boots and Lace for Samhain
Write 50 Books a Year online workshop
Edit Something to Talk About – Texas Billionaires Club
Edit and Load Billionaire Husband Test to Publishing venues

OTW (Other than writing) Goals:
Set up Christmas Tree
Quality System Internal Audit for the Business
Trip to Winterpark, CO for ski trip (not skiing this year)
Trip to family at Christmas
Family visit here after Christmas

OMG! I think I’m over committed. Why do I keep doing this to myself?
Because I love my job! I love getting stories out there for all my readers and love my characters.
Do you ever do that to yourself? Over commit and then worry yourself to a frazzle to get it all done?
Ah ’tis the season to race for the finish line!

Comment for a chance to win a copy of THE WITCH’S INITIATION, my latest Harlequin Nocturne.

And have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Kwanza, or whatever else you might be celebrating! Enjoy them all!

19 thoughts on “Racing for the Finish Line!

  1. I’m terrible about over-committing. I volunteer for too much. Sometimes you just have to say no and have time to write. Good luck with your goals–You can do this!

  2. Yes I over-commit but I’ll confess…the more I have to do the better organized I am and the more I get done! But yes on OMG! It’s almost the end of the year! I have to finish my WIP by Dec 31! YIKES

  3. Wow, that is a very large list! I stay away from commitments like this, but maybe that’s my problem. My New Year’s Resolution is to make my list of things that must be done. Hey, it’s a step. 🙂 Good luck on yours!

  4. I’d say you over committed to the nth degree. Something I do all the time. I do love crossing things off the list as I go. It’s liberating.


  5. I do it too. Friday I was committed to take my sister to the doctor AFTER I had committed to watch the two great nieces while their mom went to a funeral. It did not work. The appointment ran over, my niece-sister’s daughter-had brought her 4 year old no more room in the backseat with car seat and adult for two more little girls ages 8 and 11. I wanted to cry because I felt like I screwed up.

  6. I always over commit, and regret later, but I manage to finish everything. Your schedule is amazingly full. I’m jealous at your ability to work on so many projects. My hat is off to you. : )

  7. I used to over-commit until I realized that I was only hurting the ones I was trying to help because I wasn’t giving everyone my all. Now I focus on the most important things in my life and leave everything up to chance. That leaves me the ability to do a bunch of last minute volunteering with events that I have found more beneficial to my well being that telling everyone I can do everything. Get what you can do done and enjoy knowing that everything else wasn’t meant to be. Merry Christmas!

  8. I usually start panicking some time after Halloween and don’t relax until after Christmas lol. Besides shopping and decorating and cooking and baking and card giving, I give a tree trimming party with all the works and also help my daughter give one too and we have three birthdays and my husband and I volunteer at our American Legion and they have children’s parties and adult partes and, and, and…I read every night to relax lol.

  9. Already read Witch’s Int. LOVED it. Can’t wait for the new one to come out. Guess I’m an Elle James groupie!!!!!
    I’ve got an idea, why don’t you “skip” Christmas this year? Go on a cruise, go somewhere warm and dig your toes in the sand?! I would if I could. As far as presents go, gift cards!!!!! Hope to see you maybe this coming summer at your Mom’s house?

  10. Unfortunately, I frequently over-commit although I am trying to be better! Most of my friends know that I am perennially late with cards and gifts but so are they so it all works out.

  11. feeling pretty frazzled since I committed to submitting my NaNo manuscript to Avon by Dec. 10th but thankfully, I’m finished with the story now and I just have to focus on editing.

  12. Wow! You have quite a list there to complete! I sometimes do the same thing. I guess I view it as a challenge to myself to see if I can get it all done. I keep promising myself not to do it again,..so far that has not worked. Right now I am at your number 1…trying to get the Christmas tree up and decorated.

    Happy Holidays…Shari

  13. I am always overcommited. Thankfully, I work best under pressure. Have a fun trip! If I don’t get to see you until the new year, I hope your holidays are everything wonderful.

  14. Thanks to all who commented about overcommitting. No it’s not getting better, but I’ll survive.

    Tameka Green is the winner of the free book. Contact me Tameka! ellejames (at) earthlink (dot) net!

  15. Omg. Yes, I’m way over committed.
    I’m having Christmas in two states. One before the 15th in Nevada, then one on the 25th in Illinois. I just finished decorating Nv. Still have to shop for dinner & finish presents. When I get to IL, I have to decorate the house, get tree, dinner, gifts, along with visits with relatives & friends. Take it all down on the 27th then fly back to Nv for a New Years party at my house.
    Oh, did I mention I’ll be traveling & taking care for my daughter who had major surgery today and 2 year old grandchild.
    And that’s the easy stuff.
    I love the holidays.

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