As a writer I pull from my life to influence the stories I put on paper. I’m not talking so much about how they think and feel, though that is a large part of writing characters, I’m talking about my mental health and the state of my life and my family. If my brain isn’t in gear, there are no words to write. Plain and simple.

Today I am looking at my life from the back-end of my husband’s health issues. I can tell you three days ago I didn’t think I could write another word in a novel. My life had sucked all the creative right out of me. The energy I used up to worry about him left nothing else to put into a WIP. To see the improvement in my man’s condition today I really do feel like I could write again. All that worry has faded into renewed hope and found a new pool of creativity. Funny how disposition can effect the creative process.

The sticky past of my heroine finally congealed today. I had to stop writing this WIP when hubby went into the hospital because I couldn’t get beyond this little bump in her history. Now that I see a brighter future for my husband, so too my heroine will move into her future and overcome the demons of her past.

I just want to send hugs to any of you going through a hard time in your life at this time of the year. I pray things will turn around for you and wish you a happy joyous holiday season.