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On Saturday, the hubby took me to lunch at Panera then turned me loose in the Barnes & Noble to cash out a gift card he’d given me. Later that evening, I spent a blissful hour in the tub covered up to my neck in bubbles and clutching a Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel in my hand. What had I done to deserve such an indulgent day? I typed ‘The End’ on the first draft of the last book in a twelve-novella series.

Go me!

Yes, I know there’s still a ton of work to be done. My editor is picking apart #5, my crit partner has #10 in hand, #11 needs the front half overhauled, I have a ton of continuity checks to do on #12, and, yes, this is only one project, but…Whoo hoo! I’ve been drafting portions of this project for ten months and sixteen days. You bet your bippy I earned that bear claw, bubble bath, and book!

We often talk about goals and motivating, but we don’t think much about the reward. Because my free time is limited, I’m a pretty harsh task master when it comes to meeting my writing goals, but I believe it’s equally important to enjoy the moments when we reach one of those goals. We all know there’s a ton of work to be done after we type those sparkly, happy words at the bottom of the page, but that doesn’t make them any less magical. They should be celebrated.

So… You wanna see how they look?

Yeah, it’s rough, but it’s on the page. I can fix it later. 😉

How do you celebrate the achievement of a goal? Do you have a favorite reward?

7 thoughts on “Gooooooal!

  1. My reward after a big project at work or even a personal goal like weightloss being met is usually a trip to see family or friends.

    Ps – Panera sounds good. That is now in the cards for lunch today.

  2. I think I find myself, just sitting back, kicking my feet up and going ahhhhhh… with a smoile on my face. Throw in a Starbucks and I’m golden.

  3. You are awesome, Mags! Congratulations! I totally agree about the rewards. I think every accomplishment, no matter how big or how small, should be celebrated. For instance, I just gave myself a pat on the back for hanging up my sweater instead of tossing it over the chair. I usually prefer for my rewards to come in the form of chocolate, though. 😀

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