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Super Powers

In this day and age of popular fiction, you’d be hard pressed to find a novel not flaunting a hero or heroine with some otherworldly ability. And why not? We live each day with the humdrum of normalcy. When we read, most of us, want to escape the norm and jet off to a place where we can soar above worry.

Construction on Interstate ten, you say. No worries! I’ll teleport across town.

A mad man with a gun. Ha! Bulletproof.

An uncooperative salesman. No more! With little “push.” 20% off and free shipping, thank you!

The possibilities for abilities are endless in our stories. But what about real life? If you could choose any one super power what would it be?

Super power of choice?

Happy soaring, healing, mind controlling, and writing!


Megan Mitcham, Author

Fierce Wild, Wild at Heart Anthology
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