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If you follow this blog, you have probably noticed that I’m a fan of setting goals. Big goals, little goals, goals for word count, sales and income… I’m all over them. They help me visualize where I want to go and who I want to be as a writer. Plus, meeting a goal feels so darn good.

So here I sit, kicking off a brand new year, and I’m looking at what I want to accomplish in 2013… and it’s a lot. Realistically, these goals might be more of a two-year plan.

One of my major goals for the year is to diversify. I’ve been with one epublisher since I began my writing career, but I’ve never felt it was wise to put all my eggs in one basket. My thought is that more streams of income mean more security in an unpredictable market. In October, I added a second publisher to my list, and this year, I’d like to add a third. That’s goal one.

Goal two is bigger. According to my original five-year plan, 2013 is year four and the year I begin looking for an agent. This means finishing my ‘big book’ and having the series ready to roll. My goal is to have the entire series drafted this year. That’s over 300,000 words to be written this year, plus maintaining releases on my existing digital publishers. Considering how slowly I write, this means really buckling down and getting to work.

Yeah, I’m scared.

To top this off, I’m looking at taking a major career step that… well, it’s till top secret, but it will add a ton of pressure to an already busy year for me, not just in the writing, but in all the business-oriented stuff that goes with being an author.

That’s my year in a nutshell. There will be a lot of writing happening.

What does 2013 look like for you?

3 thoughts on “Goals!

  1. I admire you for goal-setting! Last year I added a new publisher to my list. I’d like to add another this year, as well. I wrote one book, queried another, revised a book, and wrote a novella last year. I think I’d like to write two books this year. Easy breezy!

  2. Congrats on the goal setting, V! That’s quite a feat, but I’ve learned we typically rise to meet expectations. My planning year runs with the school calendar. So, I have to finish up edits on Novel 1, figure out what publishing venue I want to pursue, and begin querying hard by May. For the calendar year I want to edit Novel 2 and write Novel 3. Small goals, but my small newborn takes priority and loads of time this year.

  3. We are totally MFEO. I love the goal setting, I adore my business plan (though I admit years 4 & 5 are a bit amorphous at the moment), and I am also scared to leap headlong into 2013.

    2012 was an insane writing year for me. In addition to three novels released, I completed 28 short stories and novellas. I published with my second publisher while maintaining a strong presence with my first. I also contracted with two new pubs for 2013 release,


    This year, I was to finish out all the work I have contracted by April so I could rest on my buttocks writing the fabulous plot bunnies I’ve been ignoring for the past eighteen months. I guess I kind of forgot about all the work that goes into the editing process. Oops.

    Still, come June I hope to be fairly free. And while I look forward to being out from under the deadlines, I’m sure it won’t be long before the ‘I have nothing contracted’ panic sets in. That’s why my plan for this year is to find a balance between comfort and growth.

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