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Edits Are So Much Fun!

I’m in the middle of edits today on my medical romance short story that will be in the Mammoth Book of Medical Romance that comes out this year. I enjoy doing edits but they make me nervous. I’m so afraid I’ll miss a misspelling, or a lost word or something. When my first book came out in digital, my editor “groomed” it. Then a line editor went through it. And finally, I had a read through. I thought we’d caught everything. BUT….no. When the final version came out, there was a wonderfully funny typo (at least I can laugh about it now.)

When I got the edits for the print version of the same book. the editor reminded me that this would be my last chance to change anything before being immortalized in print. I found that I couldn’t just read my work. My mind would automatically “fix” errors (like add the missing “the” or “be” in the sentence.) I finally printed out every page, fired up my DragonSpeak and let the computer read to me. As the words were said, I followed along marking things. When I was done, the book that I thought was “clean” the year before now had 18 pages of edits!

So, editing. How do you do it? What tips do you have that work for you?

3 thoughts on “Edits Are So Much Fun!

  1. I’ve got a critter who is a stickler, AutoCrit, and Ms. Mumbles – that’s what my hubby calls it when I sit in my chair reading my stuff to myself. This three-tier process has evolved over the course of the years to include a nit-picky reader friend who reades the last edit draft for those things I can no longer see. 🙂

  2. 18 pages! That doesn’t give me warm fuzzies! I’m halfway through edits of my first novel with a crit group and they’re catching things I auto corrected in my head ten times over. DragonSpeak is a great idea. I’ll take ME’s advice too. Thanks ladies!

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