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I love this word. It conjures up exploration, excitement, possibility, challenge…longing. I alternately crave and fear it. Fear the unknown around the corner even while I crave to see what’s there.

This year, my resolution is to have more adventures. However, planning an adventure may be an oxymoron; so let’s say I’ve resolved not to run from the opportunity to have one.

My first opportunity? The pursuit of a career as a writer.

I have always loved to write, but I had become convinced over the years that I could not write creatively. My compromise was to become a technical writer. I have spent half my life writing legal documents. While they’re challenging, there isn’t much interesting about a Will if you’re not in it.

And then, two years ago, I typed my first lines of dialog ever. 70,000 words later I wrote “the end,” only to have another story fall into place, and then another, and then . .. My life has become my own personal NaNoWriMo.

Little by little I’ve entrusted my stories to friends who are now talking about my characters like they’re real people, asking me what happens next, and telling me they slow down to keep from finishing too soon. They’re asking me for more. The joy that brings me — that someone was entertained by a story I wrote — is indescribable.

My adventure began when I refused to listen to the voice that told me I couldn’t — when I decided to try. If you want to write, write; because the drive to do it probably means you have a story that needs to be told.

Soon, I’ll start off on a new leg of my pursuit. I’m forging ahead to NOLAStars to let people who don’ t know me read my stories. I’ll let you know it goes.

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