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Promoting with Pinterest

I’m a new convert to using Pinterest. Honestly, I was afraid if I started using another highly-addictive social media site, I would have less time for writing. But after I joined, I quickly discovered how beneficial pinning can be for a writer. Here’s what I’ve found the most useful:

1. In the past, I’ve shared my love for the writing program Scrivener, with its visual organizers and cork boards for pinning pictures while you write. To me, Pinterest has a similar appeal. I’ve created a board for my current work in progress where I post pictures of the setting, characters, and other details, such as clothing. I can revisit my board at any time for reference or inspiration while I’m writing.

2. That same work-in-progress board will become a promotional tool once the book is published. I can direct my readers to the board where they’ll see the story’s inspiration. I can link to the board from Twitter, Facebook, or wherever I might be posting.

3. I can build other boards that share my interests, which readers might find interesting. Or if the person stumbles across my boards for something they’re already interested in, like say my “Celts” board, they might also look at my other boards and see my “book covers” board. Which leads me to my next item…

4. A “my book covers” board is a good place to share your works along with links to blurbs and places to buy them. Here’s mine: pinterest.com/sandrawrites/

5. You can also share your friends’ books and links. Pinterest is a fun way to network.

6. Research. I use Pinterest for finding everything from maps to jewelry to antiques.

Agent Rachelle Gardner has a post of her tips on how to use Pinterest here.

And if that’s not enough reason to pin, there are always the recipes. OMG the recipes!!!