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What not to forget when you’re hosting a radio show.

I’ve been co-hosting a radio show for writers for six months now and have learned a lot from other authors. I have had the opportunity to pick up writing techniques, marketing tips and even software that helps these poor old arthritic hands. The experience has been amazing and fun. So when an e-mail came out from my writers group, Marketing 4 romance Writers, needing hosts for a show I thought sure, I can do this. My part as co-host was so easy that doing it alone shouldn’t be that hard.
MFRW BTR radio show segments are 30 minutes. All I had to do was interview a fellow author for 30 minutes. Kristyn Phipps, a very patient person, put us through training and I still felt it was going to be pretty smooth. Once the training was over I waited for the schedule and to see who I was interviewing.
The schedule was released and I gasped. Now the panic set in. Not because of who I was interviewing, Tammi Clarke Gibbs was a great author and would be easy, it was the schedule. I was set to be first. I knew I would mess it up, miss a button to push or even forget to record.
I called Victoria Valentine. She is the host of the other show I’m part of and she calmed me down and told me not to worry. Just do some research and write down some questions. She told me it would run so smooth that the time would fly by.
So I did what she said. I had my opening questions and my closing remarks all set. I felt relaxed and was ready.
Saturday came along and I got online early and froze. I couldn’t remember how to log in or even how to get to the studio. Talk about a bundle of nerves. Good thing it wasn’t a TV show. After a few moments I remembered everything. Tammie called in and the show started. Victoria was right the time flew by. We chatted like we were sitting around the kitchen table. It was so much fun, that I almost forgot to sign off. Once the screen went blank and it stated we were off the air Tammi and I continued to chat. We talked for another 20-30 minutes about writing, marketing, what we liked and disliked and about things we wanted to do in the future. I felt like I made a new friend and we exchanged e-mails and face book sites. It was great. I grabbed my coffee, sat back on the couch and blew out a sigh of relief. I did it, without one mistake, or at least I thought.
I finished my coffee and went to my e-mail and there was a note from Karen and Kristyn. They listened to the recording and loved it, even the extra chat after the show ended. Like I said, I thought I made it through without a mistake. J
I guess the taping continued because I did not disconnect from the show. So everyone who listens into the recorded segment gets to listen to Tammi and I chat up a storm about life and what we think about it. Thank goodness we kept it clean.
So that was my five minutes of fame that is now recorded for the world to enjoy.
Lesson to be learned, the end doesn’t always mean the end. You have to hit the stop button also.
Until next time
Lynda Kaye Frazier
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