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Unconventional convention chick

I’m prepping to head to the Romantic Times Booklovers convention in Kansas City next month. Yes, I have to start this far ahead of time. I know my fellow Diamonds will snicker when they read this, but I’m not really the most outgoing person in a crowd.

They’re laughing because they know that once I get comfortable, there’s no shutting me up. You see, I can be a bit of a ham…around people I know. But in a group of people I’m unfamiliar with, I tend to clam up.

I did RWA a few years ago. I knew exactly three people who were attending, and one of them was my roomie. The experience was more than a little intimidating. RT is huge, and from what I hear, more of a circus than RWA. A part of me looks forward to a wild and wooly week. Another part dreads it.

When things get big, I tend to go small. Not the best plan of action when you’re an unknown author trying to nab a couple of people’s attention. I’ll be fully armed with author-y stuff to hand out, but that probably won’t be enough to coax me out of my foxhole. So if you’re going to Kansas City next month and you see me skulking along the halls hugging the walls, take pity on a girl and say hello. Okay?

5 thoughts on “Unconventional convention chick

  1. I totally understand what you mean. I am identical. When people hear me on a teleconference at work or if I chat online, I am comfortable. I can be funny. I can even draw attention to myself. Get me in a room full of people and I am the sit back observer girl. I still laugh and have fun but I am not the one to go out of my way to engage or have the attention drawn on me. When people finally meet me, they are always surprised because they expect a commanding presence. Instead, I am the one that needs them to lead the conversation so I can observe.
    See, once again we are proven as twins.

  2. Ah, a fellow introvert. 😉 We’re a bit of a conundrum, aren’t we? I won’t be at RT, but good luck getting through it. Make sure you get some alone time to recharge. 🙂

  3. You were right. I laughed! You are one of the most sparkly, hilarious, lovable people I know. So go on lady and shake your glitter!!! You’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain. Easier said than done. I know. But I believe in you!!

  4. Mags, you are gonna rock RT. I will magically zap you all my outgoing-ness and make it so! Or, I’ll just hide in your suitcase and kindly direct everyone to your table. 😉 Hope you have a fantastic time!!

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