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Lunch with Sylvia Day


I can’t believe it myself. This month, I am having lunch with Sylvia Day! I’m not poking my tongue out at you, wagging my booty and saying, “Na na na boo boo!” Promise.

If by some chance you’ve been living in the mountains without access to internet or cable and haven’t even seen the smoke signals, because when you read a Sylvia Day novel or novella fires erupt in the best possible ways, let me share with you a little about this talented author. Ms. Day creates worlds with her words that are as gorgeous and luscious as she. From fiction to non-fiction, contemporary to historical, fantasy to paranormal she refuses to be pigeon holed. And her readers have responded adoringly, rocketing her to and holding her at the top of both the New York Times and International Best Sellers lists. Six million plus books sold! If that wasn’t enough to make you love her, Sylvia also gives back to the community by participating in several benefit books. She helps shore up the writing world with with non-fiction how-to’s and as the President of the Romance Writers of America.

Wow! Right?

The reason I’m not poking my tongue out, wagging my booty and saying, “Na na na boo boo!” is because I’m humbled, honored, and a little terrified. I know I shouldn’t be scared. Writers are among the most supportive groups of people I’ve ever come across. I know Sylvia Day is one of those supporters for the reasons stated above and the fact that she is giving her free time to have lunch with me…okay, okay…and my writing group, The Diamond State Romance Authors which is the Arkansas Chapter for the Romance Writers of America.

I’ve never been one to go crazy over personal sightings of pop culture “stars.” They’re just people. However, I find myself nervous. What will I wear? Oh gosh, I know I’m going to spill something. What will I say? Please don’t let me stutter or ramble! I remember I felt the same way when meeting my DSRA ladies. These strong women are achieving what I aspire to…a career as an author. So, when the big day comes I will take a deep breath, plan a question or two, but most importantly I will listen and learn.

Is there a question you would ask Sylvia Day, if given the chance? Post it in the comments and you may get it answered.

All the best,

Megan Mitcham, Author


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