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Sylvia Day, Nationally and Internationally Best Selling Author

This weekend our small chapter had the honor of hosting Sylvia Day. Not only is she an award-winning author both nationally and internationally, but she is also the president of Romance Writers of America. Her visit originated as a guest speaker at the Arkansas Literary Festival in Little Rock this weekend.


We are so happy to have her here we wanted to give her something that was uniquely Arkansas. Our own Cynthia D’Alba found a crystal from one the states many mines to present to her. (Please forgive the shoddy camera work. New apparatus and all.)



She loved it.

Sylvia spoke to us about owning our career path and not compromising our future for some contract that will get us nowhere. Be brave enough to turn down what you feel in your gut is not right for you. This is the best time in the world to be and author. With the digital age at our fingertips, we are not at the mercy of the NY publishers. She, personally, has made more money on some of her self-pubbed books than she can with the big name behind it.

She was inspiring.

Now, because I love visual aids, I have to post all the lovely pictures we took with our wonder president.


Brinda Berry, our chapter president this year, with Sylvia.


Margaret Etheridge, chapter VP.


Nena Clements, chapter Secretary.


Voirey Linger, chapter events co-ordinator.


Amy Findley


Mandy Harbin and Parker Kinkade


This is Erika. I need not say more.


For all those lovely ladies I didn’t get with Sylvia (we all have pic somewhere) this is our group. Great looking bunch of women if you ask me.

We sat around and visited and had a great time together.


To finish off the lunch Diamond State Romance Authors celebrated its seventh anniversary. Three of its founding members were in attendance. We all at cake.


Cynthia D’Alba, Elle James and Shayla Kersten.


Megan, Margaret and Amy.

So many more pics on the loop, girls.

Enjoyed seeing all my writer friends and loved gleaning important information from Sylvia.

Thank you Sylvia for spending time with us. It was invaluable.

Nena Clements

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  1. Lunch with Sylvia was amazing. she shared a lot of insights that I’m plugging into my writing business.

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