Why name choice is important me.


When I wrote my first book I chose my names like I was a new mother. I scanned books reading pages and pages of names waiting for one to stand out. Give me that gut feeling that it was the one. Well that was a lot of wasted time. I went to bed, had a dream of my heroine screaming for help and she kept yelling for Jason. So there you have it, my characters named themselves.

So for me that was an easy task. I write Suspense and try to keep my names manly, tough, and ones that will stand out as Mr. talk dark and handsome.

I feel a characters name, and the name of the place the story takes place at, is just as important as the cover. The cover grabs your reader and makes them read the blurb. What do you think your reader will do if she came across a name, Algpt in your blurb? I first thought it was a typo, but it wasn’t. No kidding that’s the heroes name in the book I’m reviewing right now. It stopped me and I struggled with the pronunciation. This is a fantasy book and I’ve never had a problem reading this genre before, until this one.

Both the main characters names kept stopping me through the story. I had Algpt and Cdrkp moving along through their land, Kfrzsu, a main station on the plant Z. Yep, not making this up.

To give the author a little heads up I sent her a message just to let her know the names in her story were difficult pronounce, let alone read. They kept stopping me, pulling me from the story. None of the names in her story had any vowels. She said that it was unique to the world she wrote about and this was the first one in a series of three. I finished reading it and sent in my review. The actual story line was good, pacing and POV was fine, I just had a hard time keeping the characters straight since i ended up having to skim over the names because they were so distracting. In my opinion, as a book reviewer and reader, I feel names are important to a story. I understand making the names fit the genre, time period and setting, I just know you can have a unique name, that any person can pronounce without directions.

What do you think? Have you read stories that had names that you had trouble getting past because you couldn’t pronounce them? Or is it not that important to you as a reader?

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  1. I don’t know that I’ve read any stories where the names were absolutely unpronounceable… but I do think names are very important. When I give writing tips to other authors I always say that your character names should be memorable, but there should be only one way to pronounce them, and no one should have to look up how to spell them. I read a book not too long ago where the main character’s name was Raleigh, and it drove me up the wall. Why couldn’t it just be Riley? It was completely needless.

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