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Wikipedia and other secrets my mother doesn’t know


Here’s the thing about publishing that gets me in trouble—a ton of time can pass between the time you sign off on that final edit and release day. You see, my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be, so when my first book released, I pimped it to anyone and everyone, forgetting that there are some rather…racy scenes involved. Until my mother called.

The conversation went something like this: “I’ve heard parts of Paramour are a little shocking. Your sister wants to know where you learned those things.”

My answer? “Wikipedia.”

The funny thing was, Paramour wasn’t even considered erotic romance. It was just a little on the hot side of the contemporary spectrum. But it’s hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t read romance regularly. Particularly if that person diapered you.

That’s why I chose to use a pen name for the sexy stuff. Yes, it’s a pain to keep up with two of everything but totally worth it when it comes to avoiding the uncomfortable questions. By doing so, I don’t have to get face-to-face reviews from a male colleague: “I liked it. Soft-core porn.” At times Margaret and Maggie’s worlds collide, but I try not to sweat it too much. I’m every bit as proud of the erotic as I am the contemporary, so it’s all good.

What about you? What’s the oddest or most awkward comment you’ve received on some of your work?