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Learning Curve


Learning. We start early and never quit. No matter how complacent we seem, acquiring new tools and greater understanding is hard-wired into our genetic code. You know the saying, “You learn something new every day.” It’s true! In 105 B.C. paper was invented in China. See. Something new. If you’re a brainiac and already knew when paper was invented, you didn’t know I had my first kiss at age thirteen. So, ha!

It’s a good thing we’re hardwired for advancement because writing, for the purpose of mass-market publication, has a *long and gradual learning curve with little hope for plateau. An author, conservatively needs the following skills: grammar, punctuation, plotting, conflict, setting, story arcs, character building, tech know-how, marketing, communication, publication options. The list could go on and on.

In the interest of learning, below are enlightening links.

Punctuating Dialogue (Refresher anyone?)

Character Building – Body Types (Makes you realize there’s more to a character’s looks than just a big man with brown hair and eyes, lips and a nose.)

Daily Writing Tips (Something to help get the fingers typing or the pen writing.)

Romance Writers of America – Education (Back to school…)

So, curve away!!!

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*I was certainly going to write steep learning curve, until I discovered it meant complete understanding happens quickly. Add another nugget of knowledge to my score sheet!