Cynthia D'Alba

Being the Antagonist is FUN!

D'Alba RT BooksigningSome time back I started a Medical-Romance and sent it to a known Med/Rom publisher (who, for the purposes of this blog will remain nameless.) It got rejected. Oh, not because the writing was bad. The editor loved the writing. But there was too much suspense for her line and she suggested a couple of places I should send my query. So I did.

Now, I didn’t realize I was writing a romantic suspense when I started my story. I don’t usually write suspense. I’m a contemporary romance gal…give me a cowboy with some chaps and watch me drool.

BUT after the editor made her comment and I really thought about my story and re-read my synopsis, I realized she was right. I did have the beginnings of a fun romantic suspense.

I’m in a hole with my current cowboy contemporary (it’s not flowing like I want) so I pulled out this romantic suspense. Oh, did I mention I have a request for a full from those queries? Well, I do except…sigh…of course the book isn’t finished. So I started reading it tonight to get back into the story and realized that since I so used to writing stories focusing on the romance, I typically have only two POV’s…hero and heroine. But writing a suspense…great! I could have a “bad guy” POV!

I’ve never written as the villain. It was a totally new experience for me. My antagonist is a ego-centric,  vain, a$$hole with too much money and too much power. He’s used to people doing what he wants, including his wife and mistresses…past and present. Getting into his head was so liberating! I let him have the most outrageous thoughts…things I’d never let my hero or heroine think or say. So much fun! I get to torture my hero and heroine in new ways. I can make their lives miserable in a different way.

Gosh, I might have found a new genre to write in!

So what about you? Have you ever written so outrageous that you felt liberated?