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What is the most Important tool to a writer?

As time has gone the tools we use to write have evolved. In the beginning there were stone carvings. The use of rocks scratching picture stories into walls for preservation of time.

Then came the burnt end of a stick. The black tip left a visable mark, but faded. As time passed we evolved into the felt tip pen and ink.

Thats when we saw amazing stories put on paper for the world to enjoy, and time would preserve. Books became a household item and many writers were born and classics were written that are still enjoyed today.

Then an amazing machine was invented, the typewriter. This was a turning point in the writing industry. Books were now typed, which made them a lot more legible than some of the handwriting from some of the master writers. I know if you had to read a book I wrote it would be almost impossible. My writing is awful.  : )

After years of depending on the classic typewriter we moved int an era of the computer. It was quite large at first but has evolved to some no bigger than your hand.

Today we have so many different tools available to us. We still have the trusty pen and paper. Some still use a typewriter and others use one of the great software products out there to where you can develop a complete novel on your laptop.

But the most important tool to a writer has been around since the beginning of time. Something we are gifted with at birth and develop over time, our imagination.

So use the most important tool you have and develop the next great story. Then write is down with any of the tools we have developed over time to preserve your thoughts.

You just might have the next great classic hidden within your thoughts.

With everything available to us today what do you use to write out your thoughts? I still use a pencil and paper, then I move everything to the computer. 

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Lynda Kaye Frazier