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Research Trips Aren’t for Sissies!

  One of the best parts about writing is research trips! For my Cajun Magic Series, my sister and I traveled to Louisiana, toured the bayous, road an airboat, pet an alligator, toured sugar plantation manors and tasted Cajun food to die for. It was fun, it was a bit dangerous, but I’d do it all again!

Some of the places I’ve been to, I will write about in future novels. Places like London, Ireland, Rome, Venice and Alaska. No, wait, I did write stories based in Alaska already. But you get the idea. I’ve lived in Texas and can write about it with confidence. But dang, if I get the chance to go somewhere else, I’m going! And I’m going to try to find a story to write about it.

This week, I’m in Paris. That’s right. I’ll be touring the Louvre, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower and more, thinking about characters who can be walking these same streets, living their dreams and falling in love.

I’ll take lots of pictures and share them when I get back from Paris. In the meantime, answer this:

If you could research any place, where would it be? Where would you like the next story your read to be set? What country, state or city?