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What in a Name? Name my town!

Cynthia D'Alba RT BooksigningI struggle with names…Names for my characters; Names for my cities; Names for bars, restaurants, etc. If something has a proper name in my book, trust me when I say I struggled over it. I have even changed my hero, heroine and antagonist names more than once WHILE writing my books. Let’s just say that I think “Find and Replace” may be the greatest invention ever! Have you ever changed a name while writing? Why? In my case, I was using Vicki as my heroine’s name and it just didn’t seem to fit the character. One day “she” said to me, “Listen up. I’m glad you’re writing my story but geeze, get my name right. It’s Paige, not Vickie.” And I was surprised to say the least! So Vicki became Paige and it made writing the character so much easier.

Right now I’m struggling over the name of a town. It’s located in Arkansas. Middle of the state. Soft of a mash-up of Little Rock (I need a university and medical school) and a very large lake (like Hot Springs), which will play prominently in the storyline. In a way, it’ll be it’s own character! But I can’t settle on a name. I’ve had a few suggestions, but haven’t yet had one that sat up and slapped my cheek.

So, can you give me some help? Name my town. I’ll give you an acknowledgement in the book if I pick your suggestion.

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  1. Just south of Hot Springs is Arkadelphia which has 2 universities-Henderson and OBU and also near Lake DeGray.

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