Sandra Jones

You’re Not Alone: Join a Street Team with Sandra Jones


One of my favorite authors recently put out a call for help in promoting her next release, and I wanted to help her. I need to strengthen my own platform, and I know networking with other authors is one way to do so. Since I like her work anyway, I was eager to do what I could.

“What do I have to do?” I asked innocently in my reply to her call.

She answered with a detailed list, including the expectations for joining her street team. What an awesome document!

For this author, I would read a copy of her book, review it and post the honest review anywhere it would be seen: Goodreads, Amazon, blogs, etc. In return for the free copy (YAY!) and swag, I would blast the review on social media and take pics of the book on bookshelves. Easy breezy. I don’t know how many ARCs she received for her street team, but if she had 10 and each member of her team had 1000 followers on Twitter & Facebook, her reach is amplified exponentially.

You can’t start building your platform too soon. Before your book is published, if you see a chance to help a fellow author, jump on it. Join a street team. Make friends. When your book hits the shelves, the people you helped will be your allies, too.

Sandra Jones, author