Diamond State Romance Authors

Summertime… time to write?


If you are like me, you have kids home for the summer. Or you planted a garden a month ago and the weeds have started a stranglehold on those beautiful plants. Or the weather is so nice you find yourself outside

… at the lake

… riding your horse

… going to see that blockbuster movie

…doing projects

… taking a trip

… anything but sitting your butt in the chair and typing out those words you so desperately need to complete that story sitting on your hard drive.

I hereby give you permission to indulge!!

We all need a break. What other time is any better than now? We all know everything you do will serve as beautiful fodder for a story down the road. Real life feeds the imagination.

Sooooo… go ahead and do it!

Then get your writing area ready and your fingers limbered up. You still need to spend some time in that chair. Your story is calling to you “finish me! finish me!” A little chill time, though, will make getting back into the writing groove that much easier.

I hope you all have a great summer planned. Most of all, I hope you accomplish all your goals.

Happy Summer!