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Spreading yourself too thin

Spreading yourself too thin


Right before my book came out I struggled on how I could get my name out there. I kept searching for ways to get more traffic to my blog and my website. It was so mind boggling that I didn’t know where to start. So I asked the groups I was part of and I received some great information. Here are some of the suggestions I received.

Join a writers group.

Set up a face book page.

Brighten up your blog and your website

Join author groups on Yahoo.

Volunteer with groups to do reviews, radio host spots.

Join Triberr.

Get on LinkedIn and pintrest.

I could go on but you get the point. I made up a list and decided that since I didn’t have a presence online that I would just jump in and join everything I could get a hold of.

At first it was great. I had over 20 groups I was a part of. My blog and website got new colors and backgrounds, I joined every social media site I could find and I joined a book review group for a few magazines. Oh and I also signed up to host a radio show twice a month.

Can you say information overload.

My e-mail inbox exploded. I was getting over 500 a day. Hitting all the social network sites was taking me forever to get through and reading four books a month, to stay on top of my reviews, had my list of books I wanted to read go untouched.

Well I was to a point where I was chasing myself all over the internet to just keep up.

Then I was hacked. Now I’m not endorsing this activity but it actually made me step back and get everything back into perspective.


Before I was hacked I was behind in posts, missed blog entries that I was signed up for, and was overwhelmed. I didn’t want to stop anything I was doing because I felt it was important, and thought it really helped me. So I worked through my lunch hour and into the late night hours to stay on top of everything


Well once hacked everything disappeared, literally. The hacker got into my e-mail two months ago, hid dormant every time I thought I had it licked then last week crashed my hard drive. I lost all my contacts, group information and calendar, for the second time.

I had no choice but to sit back and wait for it to be repaired, using my phone to stay in touch.

With all that said, I soon realized I forgot why I was doing all of this. I wanted to get my name out there so people would get to know me, and purchase what I write. But with all my social sites and groups I found myself with no time to write.


So I am back at square one. I got my computer back on Monday and I am going to step back from a lot of my extra activates and do what I fell in love with over a year ago, writing.

So remember when you are thinking of ways to get yourself noticed do the one thing a few publishers told me to do in the first place, write your next book, people will notice.


Thanks for stopping by.

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2 thoughts on “Spreading yourself too thin

  1. You’re right abo doing too much. Something I learned later than I should have. Triberr is another socia site where you join groups and link your blog to your page. When you put up a new post all the members of your groups send it out on twitter and it helps to increase the traffic on your site. And yes, I also hate hackers. This one was the worse one that the repair store had seen in awhile.
    One I hope I never get again.

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