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Writerly trinkets

I am a gadget junkie. I freely admit it, though I espouse no twelve-step program for my addiction.

I have all the electronics a girl could ever need. I carry most of them in my purse every day. Utilize every single one, too. But my love of gizmos goes far beyond the tech stuff. I can just as easily spend an inordinate amount of time in any housewares department. Don’t even try to take me into a Brookstone’s store. We may never come out.

My husband is amused by my love of stuff. He’s also my enabler. He feeds my Post-it jones and once bought me a computer armoire because it had lots of little hidey holes to stash stuff. What can I say? He knows his audience.

This is the same man who bought me a voice recorder to keep in the console of my car when he got tired of listening to me bemoan the writer’s equivalent of the one that got away. Sadly, I could never quite remember to use it. I have Evernote on my Kindle & computer, but they’re not always handy. The fact that my bedroom is strewn with Moleskine notebooks doesn’t signify. But the other day a friend showed me these little beauties: http://www.myaquanotes.com/ …and I think they may be exactly what I need. I immediately forwarded the link to my hubby. He’ll take it from there.

Where do you store those random but perfect bits of dialogue that pop into your mind? Are there any gizmos or gadgets you use to capture your ideas?