Elle James

Paying Tribute – by Elle James

SmokinHotFiremen200x300When I wrote my short story CHASING FIRE for the SMOKIN’ HOT FIREMEN Anthology, I didn’t realize how apropos and bittersweet it would turn out to be. I chose smoke jumpers because I thought they were exciting, sexy, brave and utterly insane to jump from an airplane into one of the most dangers situations imaginable, a raging wildfire. I did my research, learned the lingo and what they were up against both fighting fires and dealing with the home front, and set about writing a short story I hoped would capture my readers’ hearts.

Then the Granite Mountain Hotshots died in the Arizona fires, mere weeks before the book came out.

In honor of the firefighters, policemen, soldiers, sailors, airmen and coastguard who put their lives on the line daily, I’d like to say thanks. You give so much and ask for so little. My heart and prayers go out to you and your families. Stay safe wherever you are.