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Does Peer Pressure Work?

Last week, I had a timeshare week that hubby and I forgot about. It was not far from where I live now…about 2.5 hours. It’s a nice condo and hubby suggested I go up for a week and write. I know me. I need a foot in the a$$ sometimes to get the job done. I needed to write a novella that week so I needed a constant good influence. You know what I mean…writers who really want to write…good influence on my word output…in other words, PEER PRESSURE!

I really lucked out. I had three incredible DSRA members join me on my write-a-thon

Mandy Harbin – Holy cow. This gal set as her goal 5k a day! I don’t think I’ve ever written 3k a day, much less five!

Parker Kincaid – The designated coffee-chef. She’s so serious when working and so darn funny when she’s off the clock! And the stories she can tell…wow. She should write a book…Oh yeah, she has and I read it. AWESOME! Can’t wait for book 2.

Carol Burnside / Annie Rayburn  – the woman who taught me how delicious a salad can be using veggies from her home garden! YUM

So how did I do? Best word production I’ve ever accomplished in one week! I had THREE days where I produced OVER 4000 WORDS! I’ve never done that. Get these numbers…2695, 2646, 4425, 4033, 4501

I left there with my novella almost totally written (first draft). The word output continued when I got home and I finished my novella, tweaked it and got it off to my critique partners within my set timeframe.

So here’s my takeaway advice…Try a writing week if you really need to go some serious writing done. But you have to adhere to the rules we followed last week:

  1. No chatting all day
  2. Have a word count goal
  3. Eat nutritious food
  4. Play after you’ve got your word count done.

word count doneDoes Peer Pressure work for you?



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