Diamond State Romance Authors

Wedding Fever

My oldest son got married last month, and with me being an only child and as a woman who married right out of high school with no idea what was expected, I had to educate myself on all the proper procedures & etiquette. My own wedding was performed on a tight budget (the hubs and I both worked in fast food!), so my eyeballs nearly popped when I heard the bill for my son’s. Still, that day, seeing all the kids’ hard work come together, it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Other than my hamburger-budget ceremony, my knowledge of weddings came from what I’d read about in romance novels and had seen on television. As a young girl, I’d loved watching Princess Di marry, and I oohed over her carriage and that dress! I remember as a teen visiting a bridal shop with my BFF, trying on gowns for fun, but I didn’t really think much about how my own wedding would be. Yet my new daughter-in-law tells me for her weddings were everything she’d fantasized about for years. With a twinkle in her eye, she’d told me how she’d dreamed of being the featured bride in the state newspaper since she was a small child. To be that special, she had to create an elaborate wedding. And yes, she made the paper. 🙂

I’d never realized the importance to her–or any young woman–but I get it now. Weddings, despite all the money & fuss can be very romantic and memorable. My wonderful new daughter-in-law planned dancing for her reception. I don’t dance much, but I nearly cried seeing my parents dance. I’d never seen them dance before. What a special gift that was!

This proved to be great fodder for me as a writer, because I can now write about a wedding from the perspective of a heroine who has always dreamed about her special day. Or for that matter, I understand how crushing it would be for a bride who didn’t get her most-hoped-for wedding.