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Inspiration Comes In All Shapes and… Animals

Summer is a hard season for writers with kids. It’s even hard to write when you don’t have kids sometimes. What if you have these kinds of kids?

This is Sophia. She was born July 12, making her eleven days new. She is so charming and delightful and full of life. She reminds me of the wonder and newness of things.

You know baby goats frolic. They leap when they run and the spring in their little legs is so full of fun you can’t help but feel the joy.

It reminds me of when I first start that new project, the new shiny that worms its way into my brain and starts a seed I cannot ignore. When the words start flowing onto the paper its like a fire of imagination inside me. Burning on to the page. The characters come to life! I thrill at the secrets they reveal and the emotions they evoke. It like being reborn again. What a beautiful feeling.

When I saw that little kid on the ground for the first time, those were the feelings and sensations rushing through me. Invigorating and inspiring me.

Presently, I’m in the middle of manuscript. I like this story. I know where it’s going (unlike earlier stories). I know the conflict and motivations, but the fire is waning and summer is taking its toll on my creativity. But watching this little gem every day inspires me to put fresh fire in every sentence.

As I return to work this week (after a two-week hiatus), and start writing again, I look forward to getting back into the routine of regular life. And finishing this WIP with the enthusiasm it deserves.

What wonder of the world inspires you when you need a boost? All the world is a treasure. I’d love to know.