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Mob mentality

It never fails. Each month, as the third Saturday of the month approaches, I start to waffle on whether I’m going to attend that month’s DSRA meeting. I don’t know why I dither over it. Unless I’m out of town or otherwise engaged, I go. And every month when I come home, I’m juiced.

There’s something invigorating about being around other writers. Call it mob mentality, but there’s the joy of sitting beside someone who understands that everything you hear, say, and do is fodder. More than once I’ve gone into a meeting with a little seedling of an idea only to have a big, fat plotline by the time I make it home. There’s nothing like an impromptu brainstorm to make a storyline blossom.

My experience with the DSRA goes against all my pre-conceived notions of writing as a solitary process. It’s true, my friends cannot write my book for me, but they can (and do) provide all the necessary support to make it possible for me to write it well.

They help me coax those little seedlings into something that begs to be written. The knowledge and experience they share allows me to present my story in its best possible light. There’s someone around to hold my hand when I send it out into the cold, cruel world. They cheer when it finds a home of its own. They tell their friends, mothers, sisters and brothers to buy it, and then they turn and ask the most important question of all: What’s next?

The Diamond State Romance Authors meet the third Saturday of the month, every month except December at the Thompson Library in Little Rock.

I’ll be there. I hope to see you there too, but if I don’t….

What are you working on now?

What’s next?



4 thoughts on “Mob mentality

  1. I don’t think I could write at all if it wasn’t for my own ‘mob’ of people. Well, actually, it’s mainly just you. But you’re like the mob boss…You look lovely today, btw. 😀

  2. I don’t see it as Mob Mentality. It’s peer pressure! 🙂

    I think you have to realize that being with people is very energizing for you. You pull from them. You gain from being with them. IMHO, that’s what RWA chapters, or any writing chapter, does for us. The activity of writing is pretty solitary, so these get togethers are important to refill our tanks

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