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I’ll admit it. I woke up this morning and thought, “Wait! It’s Friday — I have a blog post due today.”  (There might have been a curse word in there somewhere.) But there’s a reason I forgot; actually there are several.

If you’ve followed any of my posts, you know I have a love/hate relationship with workshops. I love learning more about my craft. but I dread putting my work out there for review. My track record hasn’t been that great. Usually I get “huh?” or “that won’t work” or “why don’t you try this instead . . .”  But I’ve used those workshops to learn.

And guess what? I’m in another workshop this week. Closing my eyes, I sent my work and I got “good job — just one question.” And I could easily answer the question.  Ya-hoo! I’m actually doing better on my plotting.

I also still have a submission request to fill, and I’m working on those pages. Last weekend, my best friend took me along on a six-hour road trip and graciously let me read aloud to her for three of it.  I had never realized how much hearing my own words could call attention to structure and to missing words and errors.

As always, when I’m working I have several different stories running through my head, and the outline for one is hovering in my subconscious. It is rapidly taking over space I need for other things, which is the key to getting it on paper. Thank goodness we have a retreat next week.

Between road trips, editing, reading homework and . . .oh, yes, my day job and my husband . . .I’ve learned what else I have to do to make a serious go at a writing career.  So this month’s plan is:

And if you’re me, that’s not nearly enough.  I have two days to decide if I’m going to enter a contest with my first “well done” fifteen pages.  Hey — I can’t succeed if I don’t keep trying.  At least my blog post is done.

Have a great month!