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A Whole Weekend to Write!


I realize this post is similar to the last one, but I can’t NOT write about my first writer’s retreat.

This past weekend was our chapter writer’s retreat. I can’t tell you how stupendous, amazing and productive it was for me. The past few months have had me steeped in family matters, leaving little time for craft. I looked forward to time away from my family because there has been so little quiet time around my place for just getting into the story. I am at a crisis point in this book and coming up with the transition hasn’t been coming. The drive to the lake and the glorious quiet pushed me over the hump and catapulted the plot to its next point.

Walking into that house, the quiet awed me. I arrived late. Everyone was already planted and the quiet tick of computer keys was the only sound that filled the space. No chit-chat… good girls, all of us. I went straight to work. All those dedicated authors inspired me to get past my block and plunge into the story. It was like a new baptism.

The weather on Saturday was utterly fantastic, phenomenal, other worldly almost.

These were my views from my writing perch.

This is the back of the house, facing the lake.

And… the geese found Megan a pushover. She feed them crackers and of course, they stayed. Hahaha.

Who can’t be inspired by all this?

I had to go see what all my writer buddies were up to and you know what? They were all writing!! Everyone in their own little spot.

Brinda and Margaret

Sandi. They were on the couches in the game room.

Delilah and Elle claimed the dining room table.


This is the room opening up to the back porch.


Parker, Mandi and Charlene
These four tapped away in the family room.

Diligence and persistence brought me to my goal, and a lot of help from friends. Thank you so much ladies for the great weekend and fabulous influences you all are.