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How a vacation can be an inspiration


I just returned from Hawaii. I know, how cool but it wasn’t a trip as a tourist. 

Once a year I take care of my Grandchildren where my son is stationed.

Aren’t they cute. This year my son took his wife on a vacation and I had full intentions of spending a week on the beach, at the pool, at the park just being Grandma. Well my writing brain would not shut off.  I am finishing up two stories right now and this red sand beach changed the ending of my suspense story. This was not a good thing. I want to pitch this story in 12 days and re-writing the last six chapters was not on my list of things to do, but my characters had their own agenda, and a new ending was at the top of their list.

The beach pulled me in and as I walked on the warm sand, sinking my feet deep into the  moist red silk, the story unfolded. Now I know you have visions of being engulfed in the heat of the moment, Letting the sand mold to your bodies as the white tipped waves splashed across your bodies, Well think again. I saw the snipers, high in the trees as the two agents, undercover as lovers, and being very believable in the moment, when gunfire erupts, agents appear out of no where, and so on and so on. 

When your a writer you’re never on vacation. You might not have all the time you want to write but your brain is always in motion, working out the next story, or changing one you thought you finished. We see a crossroad as an area for a chance meeting. We see an abandoned building and envision the next Amittyville Horror. It’s amazing how our imaginations look at a simple brown box, a ladder leaning against an open window, a young girl leaning against a tree, crying and a story begins.

I did enjoy my time with my babies but I also grabbed my pen and paper and I wrote, after they went to bed. 

Note to self…Never leave home without your computer thinking you can unplug, because your writers brain will just laugh at you as you write out a story, which in my case takes twice as long.

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